Ill Met by Moonlight  -  SGA: Dream; set between "The Seige II" and "III" and AU? O-oh yeah. Whatchu got there is a whole lotta A with your U. Warnings: Silliness, muscles, abuse of Shakespeare, ridiculous pairings both slash and cyberial

The Lay of Celoni More  - Looking back through an alien eye, from the far end of history. Ethnography, in a way.

Attrition - Post Hot-Zone. Some of us were heroes.

Monsters - Scary things.

Owl Eyes - An extrapolation from "38 Minutes." John's behind the door.

Foe, Fum or, The Other White Meat  - "Well, I didn't expect to get chased into an underground bunker by a hideous monster today." Written for trobadora who wanted Sheppard and violence.

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