Solstice - After all the training and the briefings and the endless repetition of codes and addresses and drop locations, the one thing the Feds didn't prepare him for was the realization that if Ray Vecchio was going to survive the mob, Armando Langoustini had to survive too.

Dysmas - One second that changed everything. RayV, a list, a hotel in Britt, Ontario. Victoria's Secret AU.

The Box -Based on a prompt from china_shop: "What's in the box?" Inuits, pemmican, hoop skirts, oh my.

Vibrato - Dief feels through the pads of his feet. Written for the ds_flashfiction "window" challenge.

Imprint - RayK reads Fraser's diary. Sort of. Written for the ds_flashfiction "diary" challenge.

Cetera desunt - A tag for "Imprint." Bob's diary on Fraser's birth day.

Odd-Numbered Nights - Post-"The Deal." "You know, Benny, Frankie's a young guy. He could live to be ninety. You gonna spend the next 55 years guarding my house?"

Migration - "There was this Inuit warrior guy, and he had a...bird? Dog? Whale?" RayK and Fraser and whistling swans, waiting for words. Written for the ds_flashfiction "time" challenge.

Real Boys - He came to the city on the trail of the killers of his father, and for reasons that will be elucidated, he didn't remain. Also, that there's a dog, okay? RayK, Fraser, lots of special guest stars. 22,000w

Red - Fraser, RayV. "I don't actually like the colour red."

An Element of Blank - "Pain has an element of blank / It cannotrecollect / When it began, or if there were / A day when it was not." RayK. Written for the ds_flashfiction "first line" challenge, based on a first line by Sansets.

Real Worlds - This is a sequel to "Real Boys," a Space!Mountie story first written for the ds_flashfiction "genre" challenge. This story picks up 3 years after the conclusion of "Real Boys." 39,000 w

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