Tenth-Day Creation - "This is tenth day creation, the kind that comes after the Gates are closed and the teeth of hunger are gnawing away at sinful guts."

Lying by the Wall - "The only thing Joe Dick never lied about was being a liar." Joe, past and present; Billy, past and future.

Petro-can - Pit-stop. "'Cause it's a matter of trust, you ever heard of that, man, trust, it's this thing people have so they don't have to sleep with their eyes open, yeah, fuck you, nice friend, there, Joe' he's saying while Joe's repeating, 'You'll laugh, you will, you're laughing on the inside,' in a relentless syncopation of run-on sentences like Gilbert and Sullivan stoked on coke and road rage." Written for brynnmck.

Time Travel -Billy and Joe, way back when. On the roof.

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