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What is Pegasus B? Well, I was goofing around one day imagining what it might be like if Daniel never joined SG-1 but was rather recruited by Elizabeth Weir (via Daniel's old college pal and erstwhile snuggle-buddy, Rodney McKay) for the Atlantis Expedition. This idea caught on with the LJ crowd who encouraged me to write it. So I did, up to the end of the Atlantis Pilot. That's what's here, called, quite creatively, "The Pilot."

Then there was a lot of discussion about the hows and wherefores of Jack's life without Daniel and Daniel's life with Rodney and so on an so forth, and I said, "Hey, if you want to know those stories, then write 'em." And people did, so Brighid E. Stone decided to make a community to keep track of all the PegB stories and you can find it in LJ under pegasus_b.

So, the "pilot" is here on my webpage, and I'll be adding what snippets I write that I think should be included here. Otherwise, I'll just be in the mix with the rest of the nuts over at PegB. Come on and join us! It's open to anybody. The only rule is this: If you contribute--and that means stories, snippets, plot bunnies or comments--you are giving permission for anybody in the community to riff off of your stuff. It's all about collaboration and extrapolation. Gen, het, slash, art, you name it. All are welcome.

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