Context - One is meaningless. Jack stayed because it takes two points to make space. Warnings for real downerism.

The Dirt of Sowing and Reaping - Sometimes it's not about saving the world.  Sometimes it's just about surviving it.  Post-col apocathreesome (although if you're looking for hot, steamy threesome smut, well, um...  *g*).  Warnings:  Plot.  Lots of plot, going on and on. heh heh.

Memento Mori - post-Abyss

Noise Parts 1-3   Parts 4-6 - "You came to save me from the demon. What if the demon is me?" In facing someone's demons, Daniel finds his own. Season 4.

Willing  - "It's always about power, Daniel" or, "I'm forgetting who I am." There are many kinds of entrapment. Season 1.

Surface Tension  - Forgetting is as dangerous as remembering, but between them is a thin scrim of thought. Any season.

The Taste of Honey, The Hum of Bees  - "Daniel was Daniel, but he hadn't been for a long time." Seeking the past and finding it in each other. Early season 7.

Desolation Angels  - "Please, Oma, take him back." Season 7. Minor character death.

In Dulci Jublio  - Sam is given a gift. A little holiday story. And there's yams. Oh, and fish people.

Coming Forth - They gave up their souls when they became their own gods.

Elvis Has Left The Building  - A Smorg story: a moose, moderately pervy bootlaces, Jaffa poetry, implied Swedish, spray cheese and gratuitous tok'ra.

The Water Moon  - "Do you know what I have endured?" For outcasts, bargains must be made.

The Weight of Things: Objects Snippets  - Objects have their own gravity, pulling things together. One snippet for each of the first 7 seasons.

Heaven - A tag to The Dirt of Sowing and Reaping

Everything That Falls - Daniel falls. And rises. Post "Fallen" and "Homecoming".

His House Lasts 'Til Doomsday - Jack was 6'2"

Palimpsest - Sometimes the body won't forget.

Cicadas - Jack's hands are empty. Daniel's lying in the grass.

Close - Jack watches, rain, a boat, and a bell.

Whet - Jack is thirsty.

Hopped Up - Jack's babysitting. Daniel's on maneuvers.

Triptych on the Theme of Flesh  - Daniel, Jack and the light in the flesh. Season 7, post-Evolution II or thereabouts.

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